Thursday, August 16, 2007

Real Quick

Hey everyone. Thanks for all of the support that past few days.
It's Thursday morning here and the day has finally arrived. It's playoff baseball. Our bus leaves in 45 minutes so this will be a really quick post. I'm pleased to say that we finished the regular season on a high note last night. Our Israeli pitcher threw a complete game four hitter and shut down Netanya 9-1. I caught well going 1-3 with a sac fly, SB, and run scored. For the first time in a long time our team is showing signs of life. To unify us even more, we have decided to go the NHL route and grow facial hair for the playoffs. I happen to love the joy that a fu-manchu brings to my life and others around me so I opted to go with that design. Nothing is a better conversation starter than looking like you are from a 1973 action movie. There will be pictures for all to see when I get back. Okay that's it, gotta run. But I'll post again after our game to let you all know what happened.


Anonymous said...

good luck in the playofs. reminds me more of the oakland a's than the nhl.
uncle g

Anonymous said...

hey Jesse,
Sorry about the elimination from the playoffs.
Heard about the five errors on the day that cost the game.
Can't Wait to hear about the experience from you.

-Steven M.

Anonymous said...

I can guarentee you I am not one of Jesse's parents. Nor am I related to Jesse by blood. But I can guarentee that I have been fortunate enough to know Jesse for a long time. Any and all people who have been ornery in their postings in response to Jesse's blogs are ridiculous. Prior to and throughout his trip to Israel, Jesse has shown nothing but excitement, appreciation, and honor for the opportunity to represent his family, friends, city, state, country, and sport - in the land of his heritage no less! To miscalculate his intentions is a misjudgment in the character of those who dispute his writings. Not only do you reply with ignorance of misunderstanding sense of humor (see snub for all-star team with a buck-something batting average), or say such senseless things as determining people's worth based on their being sought for autographs, but you fail to notice that every company or organization does not just come up with a prototype and find success right away. Change is imperative. Whether suggestions comes from a boardroom, or a tongue-and-cheek line of an employee's blog, all ideas should be taken into account. This is no knock on what has been created, or what will be. Instead of pointing an unnecessary finger, think about ways to improve the league from your standpoint. If you choose to ignorantly mouth off like you have been, people will listen. But if you provide useful feedback, you will be heard.

(Insert bat flip here.)

Rock that Fu Dawgie, rock that Fu.