Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Recent Games

*Note: This post was originally written Tuesday August, 7th.

Well, as days go, this is probably one of the worst that I have had in the time that I have been here. We lost both today and yesterday. Last night we played third place Modi'in, and if we had beaten them, would have pulled within 4 games of 3rd place with 9 to go. It was a huge game for us because we would be a lot better off being the 3 seed instead of the 4. Well, we led the game 1-0 until the bottom of the sixth when two errors ended up costing us the game. Story of our season right? They scored one to tie up the game and we all know what a tie after seven innings means...home run derby time. What a joke. We ended up losing 4 home runs to 2. I cannot tell you how frustrating it is to grind your way through seven innings only to lose in damn home run derby.
Tonight we played the 5th place Netanya Tigers. A win would have meant some breathing room between both teams, and a virtual guarantee for us to be the home team in the 4th vs. 5th playoff game next Thursday. They threw a 6'7" lefty from Tennessee Emory who was on his game. He was locating his 83-86 mph fastball with ease, dropping in the occasional deuce, and had a decent change. He left Tennessee a couple of years ago because of control problems, but he pitched like Maddux tonight. That would be Greg, not Mike. Two strikeouts looking and one ground ball to second base later, and right now I'm about as sour as the ripest lemon on a scorching summer day.
What's frustrating is that our team has shown signs of brilliance, but for the most part, through 33 games, we have very little to show for it.


Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about the conditions but hang in there. You are indeed a pioneer. Hopefully your experiences and comments will make it better for the next guys.

Anonymous said...

You spoiled prick. When was the last time you set up anything from scratch ? Something which happened to have a positive effect on so many thousands of people especially the little kids who you say you care about?

Shame on you. Why would anyone in the world who is such a smarty pants stay for something like this? You are a crappy spoiled brat with a go nowhere future ahead

Wise up.

Someone who appreciates what has been done here in Israel with baseball.

You did not deserve this experience.

Anonymous said...

I read on a previous blog from you that you are having the time of your life. Being invited to peoples homes like a celbrity. What kind of a deserving person are you of that? Here this league paid for your round trip ticket, room and board, paying you salary, and is doing so much for so many what you say is totally preposterous. When in your life will you ever again be asked to sign autographs, be able to make a difference in peoples lives who you do not even know---

What you say attempts to weaken the IBL whether you are too stupid to realize it or not and that offends the people who care about Ra'anana having a team.

Go home.

You should be ashamed.
A true Raanana fan.

Anonymous said...

With a .187 average, you especially ought to act a bit more respectful of what others accomplish.

Anonymous said...

As I have been reading the last couple comments, I would like to voice my opinion on the matter. I have read through the blog multiple times and have come to conclusion that it is unfair to criticize Jesse in a such a harsh manner. One of the first things he mentions is the fact that in no way does he want to bash the league. Along with saying that, he mentions that he writes this blog with the intention that someone will read it and strive to make the league stronger for the future.

I have been reading Jesse's blogs from the beggining and I feel that he is truly a sincere and genuine person with no intentions of offending anyone. For those of you who are so quick to criticize, you might have forgot to read the blog when Jesse set up a Shabbat dinner for his team. Or, maybe you forgot to the read the blog when Jesse went to visit children with cancer.

Jesse, I enjoy reading your blogs and hope that people will realize that you did not mean any harm.

Good luck with the rest of the season.

Anonymous said...

The comment excusing jesse was probably written by a parent the same person responsible for creating such a negative kid
Whe you excuse bad behaviors it just leads to worse ones