Saturday, August 11, 2007

Please Allow Me To Explain

I have been receiving a lot of criticism from friends, family, and anonymous fans about my most recent post. I want to vehemently apologize to anyone and everyone I offended. In response to that criticism I have removed the post from the website. It was in no way intended to create such discontent among my readers. I have absolutely no idea, nor could I even imagine how much time, money, and dedication it must take to start a professional baseball league in a country where many of its citizens don't even know the rules of the game. I believe that I have made it very clear over the past several weeks that I am indeed having the time of my life here. I couldn't be more thankful that this league is in existence. I couldn't be more thankful for the hundreds of volunteers who set up our field every day, to the bus drivers who drive us to and from games, and for the fans that continue to show up every day. Everyone I have met here has had a positive impact in my life and I will not forget any of you when I leave. All of you have made this experience a tremendous one. Yesterday's post was not meant to take away from any of that.
All I wanted to do with the post was explain that the players and personnel who make up the league have still managed to make it a huge success. I have no doubt that eventually the league will reach an insurmountable level.
The beauty of this blog is that you can voice your opinions, and, whether you are right or wrong, you are entitled to those opinions. The problem with this blog is that you can only read it in the context you choose to, regardless of how I may have intended for you to read it. I cannot stress to you enough how grateful I am to be here. How grateful I am to be able to bring a smile to so many kid's faces each night. How grateful I am to bring baseball to Israel. How grateful I am to be able to share this experience with you.

Overall, I want to reemphasize that this league is a truly great thing for Israel. I wrote it because I care about this league and want it to be the best it can be. By being one of the pioneers of this inaugural league, I believe that expressing my thoughts can lead to the improvements needed to make this one of the best leagues outside of the United States. Please know that I meant no disrespect to the people who have made this experience one of the most enjoyable times of my life.
If I have lost some of your respect, I can only hope that going forward I will be able to gain some of it back. I urge you to continue to read this blog and share in my journey.


Anonymous said...

You are misguided

Where have your parents been in raising someone like you?

The ibl is likely the best thing that you will ever be associated with. For you to slander the league is selfish and damaging to the many who have emptied thei wallets and devoted hors into making this miraculous addition happen for the country
Really go home or at the very least shut up

Anonymous said...

When was the last time a 187 average is entitled to call themselves snubbed for. The all stars?
Your whole blog is one sided as that snub explanation and your recent. Blog
Is more of the same
Tou were disrespectful and non appreciative to many who deserve far better
Step back and realize this
Really you are. Very wrong and Offensive

Anonymous said...

or you that you have the self-confidence and courage to say these things. The league is indeed a great idea and is bringing joy to many - my 8-year-old for one. But it will quickly erode its good vibes and in fact work against its stated goal of drawing Americans and Israelis closer if it failes to live up to its promises - especially in the way it treats people. I will not say that food, physical therapy and laundry are small things. To players out there every day in 100 degree heat playing onsubstandard fields (2 of 3, at least) the "little" things make a big difference, especially when they aren't being paid that much.

I want to support you in your speaking out. What is Israel if not a free and democratic country where everyone can air their opinion. Ignore the people who say you should be grateful and shut up. That's BS. You have a right to air your issues and to try to get the league to respond. As you said - you even ssaid it in the hope the league would listen and wake up.

Good for you. Keep playing. Keep talking and good luck!

Anonymous said...

Jesse Michel you are bringing forward acrimony and inappropriate negativity. There is nothing noble or redeeming here. You were lucky to be involved in such an historic wonderful endeavor. Nothing is perfect from the start and airing your grievences imagined or real publically in this instance is not a statment of your virtue.