Friday, July 6, 2007

Finally off the Schnide

With a win yesterday, the Express improved to a season best 2-6. .250 winning percentage baby! Those are better odds than Hasselhoff being sober for two days straight. In addition to the win, I went 1 for 3 with a single, walk, and rbi. Those fantasy stats will be up to par in no time. We won 14-2. Thats right, our team went on an offensive explosion. Granted, the pitcher was older than Dan Rather and threw at about the same speed as it takes me to run from home to first base (hint: slow), but hey, we busted out the whooping sticks. I caught and continued to play well defensively. I finally feel like I'm getting my timing down in the batters box. 1 for 11 will turn into 11 for 21 in no time. We lost today 7-3 to the Netanya Tigers. I had the day off but got a pinch hit at-bat late in the game...and proceeded to walk for the team leading sixth time. Tomorrow is off and Sunday we face a lefty from Australia who threw a no-hitter his last time out.

Now, on to more important things. Here is a link to the Chaiyenu event that I mentioned in yesterdays post. It is an article on the IBL website. Hope you enjoy it. By they way, I have received nothing but positive reaction from you all regarding this blogsite. I really enjoy telling you my stories, and expressing them in my own personal way. Special shout out to Amanda Gropper, who actually called me here in Israel to tell me how much she enjoyed these posts (but neglected to leave her number so I could call her back...hint hint). About to get kicked out of the library so I have to run. Oh yeah...our TV game on Sunday was rescheduled because we are so bad right now.


Randy said...

What a great day at Chayenu! It must have given you a wonderful sense of joy to have given those kids so much happiness, if only for a day. I'm sure it's something they (and you) will remember and cherish forever. Good day on the field also. I knew you would get off the schnide eventually. You're too good of a hitter. Like I said, there will be good days and bad days, but the more pitches you see, the more the hits will come. Mom. Lindsey & I think about you every day. I love reading the blogs. Helps me feel like I'm there. Keep havin' fun.
Love ya,

harry said...

it was great to see you aaron play together (together or not it is always the same to me)just like when you guys were 5 i would not like to hear you say anymore that you to small for this game the play at the plat the other night looked like some one who was 6-5 and 250lbs you have always called the best games and love watching you call them what ever you do the levin family will always be proud that you are family
and lastly you are right you will be hiting 450 in no time

linz said...

congrats on the win chapes :) miss youuuu! <3